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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I teach on Super Skillz® Online Training Website-Platform?

Super Skillz® Online training is a great way to teach without ever leaving your home! We use the world’s best online training E-learning platform. It is an extremely popular and safe website.
  • The website gives you secured access to training content for self study mode or teacher assisted study mode.
  • The website also has an integrated audio-video conferencing capability software which makes Live Online Training as interactive and effective as in-Person Training.
Plus, its a smart way to learn how online meetings are conducted worldwide. Learn the way the world does!


What do I Need for Online Training?

You need a –

  • computer ( minimum 1GB RAM – desktop or laptop)
  • internet connection ( minimum 256 kbps – broadband is best)
  • headset and web-camera (for online conference only)


I am not an expert in computers!

The Elearning website that we use is extremely simple! You don’t need to be an expert in computers. It’s an easy to use website. You can upload Course modules to enable students to learn at their own pace.


So how does the Online Training work?

Login to and create courses in categories of your choice. Enroll students for courses via different enrollment methods to allow them access to course contents. Training Content includes module presentations and handouts in pdfs, word docs etc. Choose training dates and times, define a training calender. You can start teaching from day 1.

Training content/resources are available 24/7. Online Training or Webinars are time-bound Live conferences (2 hours) with teachers/tutor/trainers and other trainees which tutors can held regularly during the course (2- 3 times a week or even daily) as per the course.

Online Trainings are extremely easy to use and popular with all students. All course modules should include assignments and assessments. Give contact details for students to contact you directly.


Who are Course Students and what are the dates and timings for Online Training?

Course Students are registered website users who can enrol into courses. Course tutors create the training content and  schedule the timings of all classes. You can counsel course students in course forums or by contacting them directly.


Great! How to start?

Kindly check course start dates (Training Calendar) and sign up for courses on You can contact course creators, to enroll in their courses. Trainings are scheduled by the course creators once you are familiar with the website.


How can Students Register for Courses and Pay for Courses?

Students will Enroll in Courses by clicking on course names. Students will contact Tutor directly for direct payments or auto enrollments in courses. Kindly ensure correct course start dates (Training Calendar) and accept payments from students directly.
Super Skillz provides the e-learning platform free of cost to Students and Tutors and does not accept payments on behalf of tutors.

Who is a Tutor? How much does it cost to Tutors?

Corporate Trainers, Teachers, educators, home tutors are termed as ‘tutors’. If you run multiple courses for profit or have a large number of students attending your courses, you will be eligible for our subscription plans to support our project.  We also offer plans for content development and assisted course maintenance. Request a quote for our nominal monthly subscriptions for tutors.

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