Why Super Skillz®


Several talent pool reports have estimated a ‘Talent Gap’ – lack of right skills – for India of more than 5,00,000 by 2016, as existing educational institutions do not impart employable skills and ONLY 25% of Engineering – MBA graduates are employable.

Skilled Manpower Requirement in India by 2022(million):NSDC

Employers only hire certified professionals

Students – Only certified professionals get jobs!
[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”view” hide=”close”]They don’t teach you Soft Skills, Voice & Accent, Business Communication  and Behavioural Skills in B-Schools. And your technical skills or your MBA is not enough to guarantee success in your career. Employers want something more than regular skills.And if you are applying to foreign universities then you surely need these certifications.Become a Certified Professional and get a headstart in your career.[/spoiler]
Professionals – Still struggling with your skills?
[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”view” hide=”close”]You have probably realised by now that your technical skills will only get you so far in your career.You need professional help if your are still struggling to survive at your workplace.Communicate professionally to impress clients, customers or to lead your team.Jump-start your career with global business communication skills.[/spoiler]
Trainers – Are you a trainer or a teacher?
[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”view” hide=”close”]Training is an art and you need to be a Certified Trainer before you can deliver programs.Learn Adult Training Practices and design and deliver trainings in a global business environment. Our Global Trainer Certification is open for experienced or budding trainers,teachers, managers, communication coaches, quality analysts and talented executives.[/spoiler]
Corporates – Skills Enhancement for employees
[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”view” hide=”close”]Learning and development activities greatly impact an employee’s productivity and turnover. Super Skillz™ gives you the opportunity to imbibe the necessary skills in your learning organisation..read more[/spoiler]


Institutes – On-Campus Training
[spoiler effect=”slide” show=”view” hide=”close”]Todays’ employers are extremely particular about the candidate skills while hiring.Students get hired based on their communication skills, technical aptitude and cultural fitment into the organisations…read more[/spoiler]
Be a Certified Professional!

Corporate Skills are critical for success in today’s competitive world. Whether you are a fresher, a Manager or a Leader, you need skills training and development to help you remain at the top of your game.We at Super Skillz® realize that a skillset gap exists and aim to up-skill students  and professionals to give them an  edge to succeed in today’s competitive world.Our multi-industry certifications enhance your corporate skills to ensure that you succeed in your career.Learn business communication skills,voice and accent,soft skills & customer service, presentation skills, sales techniques and more..

Be a Certified Professional
Enhance your corporate Skills
Improve your Job  Placements
Get a Multi-Industry Focus
 E-learning-Online Training
Learn from the Best

Super Skillz® certifications  are facilitated by Master Trainers who teach from their own experience, having experienced many of the successes and challenges you will face on the job.Our  Classroom and Webinar training offer personalized instructions  and an opportunity to interact and share ideas with peers while learning. Every step of the way you’re learning, growing, and building yourself-getting ready to meet the next challenge that comes your way.

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How can I Learn ? – Learn via Classroom or Online training
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